Re-Elect Kari Brandenburg for District Attorney


Grants and Monies Awarded to the Second Judicial District
Attorney's Office

Since Kari assumed the position of District Attorney, the Second Judicial District Attorney’s Office has received over $10,000,000.00 in grant money—funding that has gone to implement programs that help keep Bernalillo Country safe. (All numbers are close approximations.) 

Southwest Border Prosecution Initiative
To provide funds to support the prosecution and detention of federally referred defendants/cases.
For Year(s) 2004-2012   $2,162,220.38

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA)
- To reduce drug availability by eliminating or disrupting drug trafficking organizations.
- To reduce the harmful consequences of drug trafficking.
- To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement organizations.
For Year(s) 2001-2012    $1,909,984.00

Violence Against Women Act
To assist states, Indian tribal governments, tribal courts, state and local courts, and units of local government in developing and implementing effective, victim-centered law-enforcement, prosecution, and court strategies to address violent crimes against women.
For Year(s) 2001-2008    $474,961

Victims of Crime Act
To give federal financial support for direct services to victims of crime. Administered through the U.S. Department of Justice, the Office for Victims of Crime annually awards a grant to each state to support assistance for victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, drunk driving, homicide, and other crimes.
For Year(s) 2001-2012   $941,154.00

City Victim Impact Program
To provide victim services, including:

  1. initial contact to assure appearance in court,
  2. emotional support,
  3. safety plan issues,
  4. referrals to public and private victim support groups,
  5. provision of crime victims' reparation applications, 

     -   investigation and reporting of all case status information, and
     -   victim support.
For Year(s) 2001-2012    $372,000.00

Weed and Seed
To assist with the maintenance of the current National Court Watch Database and to help create a new National Court Watch Database, so that target-area residents and neighborhood association will receive monthly updates of current criminal prosecutions regarding Weed and Seed cases.
For Year(s) 2001-2012   $126,169.88

Mether Initiative
The Metropolitan Mether Initiative allows the District Attorney’s Office and local law enforcement to work together to decrease methamphetamine-based or -driven crime in Bernalillo County.
For Year(s) 2007  $219,805

Drug Control and System Improvement (DCSI)
To reduce and prevent firearm-related violent crimes and illegal drug activity and gun violence, while improving the functioning of the criminal justice system.  
For Year(s) 2001-2007    $309,796

Community Gun Violence Act  
To provide leadership and direction in:
-controlling the use and availability of illegal drugs and
-improving the functioning of the criminal justice system, with emphasis on violent crime and serious offenders.
For Year(s) 2002-2007   $727,369  

Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG)
To reduce and prevent illegal drug activity, crime, and violence and to improve the functioning of the criminal justice system
For Year(s) 2004-2005    $45,592

Domestic Violence/Stalking Grant
To provide victims with services to achieve a violence free life, including: 
-case management,
-information and referral,
-safety planning,
-crisis intervention, and
-other assistance.
For Year(s) 2003-2005   $139,360

National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP)
To improve the quality and comprehension of the nation's criminal history record systems:
-to prevent illegal purchase of firearms,
-to keep better track of persons with criminal records, and
-to allow states to share information with each other.
For Year(s) 2003-2006   $55,144

Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant (JAIBG)
-To help states and local governments develop programs to strengthen and promote greater accountability in the juvenile justice system. 
-To identify projects that would benefit from research, demonstration, and evaluation in the 16 purpose areas identified in the JAIBG Program. 
-To provide training and technical assistance to states and local governments to develop programs that promote greater accountability in the juvenile justice system.
For Year(s) 2003-2004   $43,316

To continue the effective prosecution of DWI cases in Bernalillo County.  
For Year(s) 2003   $219,260

Mental Health Court
These general-fund monies are used to provide attorney and prosecution-team services for Bernalillo County’s Metropolitan Court Mental Health Court program. 
For Year(s) 2009-2012   $110,400.00

Drug Court
These general-fund monies are used to provide a paralegal to screen all pre-indictment cases and make referrals based on the results. The paralegal will also work with the District Attorney and Public Defender to put together diversion packets.

Probation and Violation
To ensure the District Court Probation Violation Program is a success and the District Attorney's Office is able to effectively and expeditiously prosecute probation violation cases.
For Year(s) 2009-2012   $761,581.00

Combating Criminal Narcotics Activity Along the Southern Border (AARA-NRPV)
Prosecution of narcotics-related violent offences.
For Year(s) 2009-2012   $893,750.00

Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Program
Identify criminal defendants whose crimes are associated or motivated by methamphetamine use.
For Year(s) 2009-2012   $626,196.00